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¨Mutatolewa Tu NTV!¨ Kenyans bash Bahati´s Reality show following its reprogramming

by kenya-tribune

Kenyan controversial reality show, Bahati Reality´s programming has been moved once again and Kenyans believe, it will soon be cut off from airing.

Its screening was initially every Saturday at 7:30 pm before it was pushed to Wednesday after prime time news and barely 2 months since, it has been moved to Monday at 10 pm.

The father of 2 daughters announced the changes in programming, sharing a snippet of the show´s video as projected by the local media house.

However, this received crude reception from Kenyans who believe it will not be long before his show is done away with.


Take a look at the mixed reactions:

So mbona hamuendagi live,,mnajua kuweka just short episode YouTube???


Kidogo kidogo tutaskia mumechujwa boss


Yeah good I must watch this ?


Can’t waste my time watching. Where is Peter blessings first of all?




I’m lost for words!when you put someone behind bars claiming 2.1 M what do you mean??? I mean…..aarrrgghhh!!! I thought Jesus is Lord?


Mwishowe mutatolewa Tu NTV


and it will finally get to the dustbin. Am not praying for your downfall but your deeds are leading you there. #Releasepeterblessing and pay him his royalties


I hope you also recorded the arrest if Peter blessing and Produza Paulo maybe It would be the reason why I can watch. But for now, let me read the comments. Am bored


I have predicted your downfall, #removebahatirealityshow it is useless


Nobody’s watching.


And very soon it will be out of programme line up?#releasePeterBlessings


I will be busy watching nyanya rukia on Maisha Magic East! Ooh sorry I mean I will be on YouTube watching the Wajesus ?

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