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3rd floor! Here is what Adelle Onyango has gifted herself as she turns 30

by kenya-tribune

Adelle Onyango just turned 30!

She has joined the 3rd floor and is excited she went through her 20’s and survived a lot. She took to social media with a post of her achievements thus far.

Adelle has gone through a lot in her 20’s including opening up about being raped and wanting to help surivvors get through the trauma. Other than that, still in her 20’s, she managed to collaborate with a lot of big brands including FUZU where students shadow mentors in their specific career choice.

Late last year, she finally launched the Adelle Onyango (AO) Initiative that stands to educate the public on issues facing vulnerable populations, specifically women and youth and creating solutions to them.

Adelle posted on social media declaring the three major gifts she decided to award herself.

So excited because I have survived my 20s! The highs, lows, confusing stages – and none of them have hardened my heart!⁣⁣⁣
I’ve gifted myself self-awareness, low tolerance for BS and freedom. Freedom to truly live my most genuine life – which I’m doing a fantastic job of!⁣⁣⁣
So yes I’m going to celebrate this all week! ⁣⁣⁣

adelle Onyango3

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Her co-host and brother Shaffie Weru was not left behind. All he wishes for her is that she keeps the smile on her face forever.

You’re 30 today?
No! That simply cannot be!
Because if my sister @adelleonyango is 30, what does that say about #TheRaverend? Have a great day, Sis! As A Bro n Colleague, we’ve been through it all over the years. On your 30th birthday, I wish you only smiles and no tears 

From KISS, it is a happy 30th to Adelle and may all her dreams and plans come to pass as she continues to support women and the youth get through the problems they are facing.

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