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7 reasons why you need to rest more this year – KBC

by kenya-tribune

Rest is just as important as sleep and we have 7 reasons for you to consider resting this weekend

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By Leah Kabindu

Rest is considered by many a luxury and would rather keep busy from dawn to dusk. In fact, for some, the only time most people take time to rest is when they suffer from burnout, when a doctor orders them to take bed rest or, unfortunately, when their heart stops beating.

Staying active all day is healthy but taking some time off to rest is just as important. 

Rest in this context, could be anything from sleeping, to reading a book, to going on a picnic and whatever else you do to relax.

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Here are the seven reasons why you should take a break after a busy day;

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Refuels your energy levels

Constantly keeping busy depletes your energy levels and you become fatigued and less inclined to put your best foot forward. If you are tired and stressed, you cannot expect to hit the same productivity levels as when you are well-rested and stress-free. It gives your body and brain cells time to re-energize.

Prevents burnout

When you’re worn out physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally you’re more likely to experience burnout. The World Health Organisation defined it as a syndrome linked to chronic work stress. Burnout makes you less productive at work and in your day to day activities.

Rest can help you reconnect with friends and family

Human beings are social beings and require relationships to maintain a stress-free and happy emotional lifestyle. Social relationships have been known to refuel, re-energize and boost our emotional and mental states.

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Increases life span

Rest improves your health by lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart disease which in turn increases your lifespan.

A healthier you means less sick days

Rest obtained during leisure time and during vacation encourages a more positive mindset and decreases chances of succumbing to fatigue and burnout. Workplace performance also improves after a period of relaxation and recovery.

Slows down the ageing process

Sleep can delay ageing. A tired person usually looks older than they actually are as opposed to someone who is stress-free and relaxed.

Helps in weight management

Achieving your ideal weight requires more than following a restrictive diet, eating healthy and exercising regularly. Rest is essential in helping you achieve your ideal weight.


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