Home Tech Aimtoget allows customers to convert airtime to cash and withdraw to their bank accounts instantly

Aimtoget allows customers to convert airtime to cash and withdraw to their bank accounts instantly

by kenya-tribune

Founded in 2017 by Onipinsaiye Tomiwa Henry (CEO) and Salawu Oluwadamilola (CTO), Aimtoget is an online platform that allows customers to convert airtime to cash and withdraw to their bank account instantly.

Since launch, the firm has been able to ship a couple of features that are very proud of, one of which allows Nigerian merchants to accept payment from customers using recharge card PIN. The second feature allows users to create a balance on top of our core service. The firm recently started offering airtime and data purchase, bill payments with airtime or cash, wallet savings with mobile airtime.

TechMoran caught up with Aimtoget CEO Onipinsaiye Tomiwa Henry and this is what he told us about the company.

What inspired you to launch?

Aimtoget was founded when we discovered that millions of people and merchants in Nigeria wish for an ecosystem where mostly the middle class can transact with airtime on all major digital services. Team – Founding Partners; Onipinsaiye Tomiwa Henry (CEO) and Salawu Oluwadamilola (CTO).

What problem are you solving?

We help convert airtime to cash when you mistakenly over recharge airtime from your bank app – Merchants to accept payment through recharge pins – Got tipped with an airtime? You can exchange it for cash – Merchants can accept donations with airtime. – All transferable airtime can be reversed or changed back to money in your bank account using Aimtoget. – Real-time airtime payment gateway using Airtime PIN, Aimtoget E-PIN or Aimtoget QR Scan.

Who is your competition?

Aside from our core airtime to cash service, there a bunch of fintech platforms and banking apps that offer data, bills and airtime purchase services in Nigeria.

Are you venture-funded or bootstrapping? And how is your uptake like?

Aimtoget is currently bootstrapping. To be sincere, our uptake isn’t the best you can hear out there. Every day we get to deal with positive and negative complaints and fraud issues. As a growing startup, we’re still looking to grow our team, especially our customer happiness department. However, the very least delay in responding to a sad customer has caused us more money than we can say.

What markets are you operating in currently? Any expansion plans? We are currently operating in Nigeria from the beautiful city of Ibadan. We are looking at expanding to Ghana and other possible African countries.

How do you make money and how are your revenues like so far?

We make money by charging a few percentage on every airtime transaction accross our platform and merchant’s. We have currently converted over N150 million Naira worth of airtime since launch.


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