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Alvin And The Elephant Trunk Get Nosey – GhettoRadio 89.5 FM

by kenya-tribune

Have you ever imagined how an elephant trunk smells and would feel like on your nose?
A video is going round on social media of a young TV reporter with an elephant trunk on his nose as he narrates the elephant and the drought story in Kenya.

Alvin Kaunda is an intern as a TV reporter at KBC Channel 1. On this day (11th November, 2022) he was working on a feature story about drought and its effects on wild animals. He decided to feature David Sheldrick Wildlife trust who care for young orphaned elephants due to the drought. On concluding the feature, he decided to get closer to the animals for a better story impact.
How it happened

wanted a very nice background with the elephants. I’d kept my distance but I was so focused and didn’t even realize they were getting close’. Alvin adds that he was more focused on the peace to camera and never imagined such a thing would occur. He was more scared to miss the story as he had memorized it after having 10 unsuccessful takes.

I felt the ticklish trunk but just tried to keep my cool. It actually didn’t have any smell. I’m sure if it had a foul smell it would have really distracted me. It wasnt normal, but I liked

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