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Andrew Kibe Is Right On Why It’s Risky To Date Single Mums –

by kenya-tribune

Another paramount conversation that has been on the chats is the pros & cons of dating single mums; especially after they’ve sired more than one child.

It’s a colloquy that most people will have ambivalent sentiments about. The cons are however, more than the pros.

Andrew Kibe agrees that the risks are quit high. There are a couple of celebrity single mums who have had a tumultuous relationship after their baby daddies moved on or were left by them, including Corazon Kwamboka, Maureen Waititu, Lillian Muli, Carol Sonnie among others. We all know how they ended up solo; and it’s just not intriguing.

Carrol Sonie welcomes bouncing baby girl

To begin with, you’d have to step up and be the man the biological father couldn’t do. Such, as, change diapers, give baby baths, buy diapers, playing with child, if the parent doesn’t discipline the child: be prepared for the whining. If you try to discipline the child; that’s a big no no. And if the parent gets mad. Be prepared to hear. That’s not your child! You will feel helpless because your father duties are limited. She,will, want you ;to provide and, help with duties. But don’t you dare spank that child on her bootie.

The red flags are quite endless and requires you to immensely prepare before making your move on a single mum.

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