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Andy Reid Once Ate an Enormous Steak in Only 19 Minutes

by kenya-tribune
  • Andy Reid once finished a 40 oz steak in 19 minutes flat, says his former co-coach Steve Mariucci.
  • Reid is in his 21st season as an NFL head coach.
  • His Kansas City Chiefs are 4-1 and once again a major contender for the Super Bowl.

    It’s no secret that Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid is a brilliant offensive mind. Currently in his 21st season as an NFL head coach, his talent for scoring points and getting the best out of his players has never been clearer. One skill that Reid hasn’t publicly put on display week after week, though, is his aptitude in finishing a delicious dinner. As current NFL Network commentator Steve Mariucci said in an ESPN oral history on Reid, the coach once finished a massive 40 oz. steak in 19 minutes flat.

    As the story goes, Reid and Steve Mariucci (now a commentator for the NFL Network) had both been hired to work as assistant coaches under then-Packers Head Coach Mike Holmgren. Working together in the same small office, Reid and Mariucci got to know each other well, becoming close not only at work, but in social situations as well. As Mariucci said, they liked to eat. And that lead to one particularly impressive feat.

    “We ate, man,” he said. “One night we were at the Prime Quarter and we both order a giant 40-ounce steak. This thing is huge. The girl comes out and tells us if we eat this thing in under an hour you get your picture on the wall and a chef’s hat and all that. Andy finished his in 19 minutes.” For what it’s worth, Mariucci says he also finished his own in 30 minutes; the pair’s photos remain on the wall at the popular Green Bay establishment.

    There you have it. We already knew that Reid was an exceptional playcaller and offensive gameplanner, but now we know he’s talented at applying those same skills to some even more important facets of life, namely feasting on monster steaks.

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