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Anerlisa forced to defend the absence of her engagement ring on her finger

by kenya-tribune

Guys really need to cut her some slack. Wondering who that is, it’s Anerlisa Muigai.

As shocked as you are, I was too when she updated her bio to her real name and Pol is not there. The name on her national ID is, Annalisa Wanjiru Muigai.

From her videos on social media, you do know she has a beautiful voice. And the car is usually her stage.

Anerlisa has a very beautiful taste in music. She was singing along to Never Enough by Loren Allred. As people were being entertained by her voice, others were ready with negative comments about her lipstick.

Emmy: The lipstick is soo off..*my opinion????

Anne: Okay… There is something about this lipstick… You have applied all over… ????

Jannice: That lipstick though ????????????????

Farida: You are cute but the lipstick today hapana

Jaqueline: Lipstick through out of lips????

Those comments didn’t seem to get to her. But the comment of one Ann lit up a fire. Ann noticed that Anerlisa was not wearing the engagement ring given to her by her fiance, Ben Pol.

So she asked,

Where is your ring @anerlisa

Anerlisa commented saying,

@ann.kioko The day an engagement ring will be worn on the right hand, then come ask me that question…

Now here is the thing. The hand that was visible on the video was her left hand. Where the engagement ring is supposed to be, Ann is right. But really where is the ring?

 why are you two so bothered about my ring? Since you all want facts, check my post from 2 days ago where I have a pink outfit and see the difference of the hand. And on my left hand is where I put my watch too ????. Enjoy your weekend dears.

Facts about Anerlisa and Ben Pol’s relationship you did not know

From this video, you can see she wears it on her right hand which is not the normal way but who are we to dictate?

Basically she is telling you, worry not, I am still engaged to Ben Pol so maintain.

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