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Ask HR: As a retiree, what exciting activities can I engage in to escape boredom?

by kenya-tribune

The first four months of my retirement were refreshing. I was able to rest, travel upcountry and see old friends. Although I have saved enough for my retirement, I am missing work and former colleagues and cannot stay upcountry much longer. Is there employment for retirees?

Research indicates that only one in seven working Kenyans are certain about their financial wellbeing in retirement, so it is positive that you have saved enough for this phase of your life. With the average Kenyan retirement income estimated to be less than 40 per cent of income before retirement, typical retirees’ savings cannot fully meet their monthly expenses. Some pundits consider a retirement income of at least 70 per cent of one’s employment income sufficient, recommending retirement savings of at least 10 per cent of one’s income for the entirety of one’s employment tenure.

Some retirees encounter disillusionment after leaving employment despite having sufficient financial resources. While money is essential, once one attains financial security, the quality of daily life in retirement largely becomes a function of one’s relationships, the activities in which one engages and a sense of purpose. Do you desire reemployment or other purposeful undertaking to which you could deploy your time and effort? There can be both for retirees. However, it needs to be clear in your mind whether it is work you seek for work’s sake or the purpose and social meaning it previously lent your life. There might be limited employment opportunities, yet work exists. 

Do you belong to a social network besides your family and former colleagues? These might include people with whom you could participate in activities related to groups to which you may be affiliated. Such activities might include involvement in vehicles for community development, sporting, opportunities to mentor others or business ventures, among others. What opportunities exist to voluntarily contribute your services to serve needs around you? What about speaking to others about what retirement looks like and how they might better prepare for it? Bear in mind that it is difficult to land, settle and thrive in a new environment without having invested the time it takes to build essential facilitative social connections and goodwill. 

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