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Athleisure outfit ideas for your everyday style

by kenya-tribune
Regardless of the depth of your pockets, you can still rock athleisure in various different ways (Images: Instagram)

‘Athleisure’ is a style of athletic clothing that is worn inside and outside the gym. Athleisure pieces of clothing are normally comfortable and casual such as workout leggings, trainers, shorts, joggers and yoga pants. Athleisure clothing has become a part of several people’s everyday wardrobe staples because they are comfortable and easy to style.

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Beyoncé just dropped an entire collection of athleisure pieces in a collaboration with her brand, Ivy Park, and Adidas. The items sold out online a day before their official release date in stores. Its only been a few days since the official launch date of her coveted collection and everything is completely out of stock!

Regardless of the depth of your pockets and personal style, you can still rock athleisure in various different ways. Don’t only wear your cute gym gear to the gym, you can still run errands, go shopping and travel in your workout leggings and trainers. Below, we share athleisure outfit ideas from six different women so you can get ideas on how to rock athleisure.

1. Beyonce

The Ivy Park x Adidas collection sold out in a day

2. Jackie Aina

Biker shorts and neon colours look amazing on Jackie

3. Yasmin

You can still be modest and look like an athleisure baddie

4. Ryan Destiny

Ryan’s style takes us back to the ’90s and early 2000s with her Aaliyah vibes

5. Silvia

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Comfort is key when it comes to athleisure, stretchy clothes and trainers look amazing outside the gym!

6. Jalisa E. Vaugh

Curvy shaped girls definitely look amazing athleisure too

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