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Atwoli urges Kenyans not to seek jobs abroad

by kenya-tribune

Cotu boss Francis Atwoli has called on Kenyans to elect responsible leaders for them to enjoy good leadership and stop corruption.

Atwoli also urged Kenyans to stop looking for greener pastures abroad but exploit opportunities in the country.

“Poverty is a matter of choice. As Africa, we have chosen to be poor and complain over anything and everything, from colonialists to poor policies. Yet we are doing nothing to change this mindset,” Atwoli said.

He was addressing trade unions in Algeria on Monday during the opening of the 41st Session of the Organization of African Trade Union Unity. The event started on Monday in the capital city Algiers.

“The session of OATUU General Council is a special one since it presents us a chance to discuss the future especially in the current situation where union unity and solidarity is under attack,” Atwoli said.

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The event was attended by civil society groups, trade unions, employers’ federations, and government officials.

“The headquarters of poverty is actually in Europe, where there is actually total lack of any vast land like in Africa, the climatic conditions are terrible as it is now winter, populations are strained as there is an aging population across Europe as a continent and yet Kenya is the opposite. We have the best climatic conditions all through the year, huge land all over the place and a young population ready to work,” Atwoli said.

He asked Kenyans to be cautious against the frequent notion that they are poor and green pastures are past the ‘Mediterranean Sea’.

“We are busy in our comfort zones crying and complaining as if heavens will open tomorrow with a solution. No. We will remain poor until we learn the contrary,” he said.

He challenged Kenyans to vote wisely and challenge policies by their leaders in order to tame poverty, conflicts, tribalism and poor political leadership. He said it will lead to better lives.

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