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Bad relationship habits you should stop by age 30

by kenya-tribune

By the time you are 30, there are things you should honestly stop doing. You are no longer 22. You should be responsible and you should have gathered enough lessons from your younger self.

If you are 30 and you still do the saddening things we have listed below, you honestly need redemption. And if you are almost getting to ‘third floor’, start dropping them as soon as now.

1. Crying over a man

Woman crying in bed(MumsVillage)

If he isn’t dead, never shed your tears over a man who broke your heart. Women over 30 shed their tears over failed businesses but not men.

2. Dating a man who still lives with the parents

Unless the guy has really good reasons to stay with the parents, don’t waste your time dating him. Not in your 30s at least. A 30 years old man should have gotten his life in order unless he has really serious mom issues and still needs some mothering.

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3. Drinking yourself to death and expecting your partner to take you home

Drunkard on the street

You had all your 20s to mess around with alcohol. If you still haven’t had enough of the messy blackouts, then don’t even get into a relationship.

4. Being a deadbeat dad

I am not saying that people under 30 should not take responsibility. But it’s nauseating when a man who has seen over three decades absconds his fatherly duties.

5. Using sex to trap a man

5 reasons why sex is important in your relationship [KOKO TV]

Being pregnant will not keep a man who doesn’t want to stay. You can go ahead and be pregnant for him at your own risk.

6. Fighting over a man

Dear beloved women, this should for teenagers.

7. Not knowing what/who you want

By the time you are 30, you should be quite good at making decisions. You should know what kind of a partner you want but not dating five of them because you can’t choose one.

8. Borrowing money for your makeup

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If you need your hair done or a new makeup kit, please don’t ask your boyfriend for the money. Have some decency and independence. If he wants to offer the money, let him do it without you asking for it.

9. Not brushing your teeth, and expecting your partner to kiss you. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

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