BBOXX has launched BBOXX ePay in Rwanda – a new service allowing family and friends to send energy back home from anywhere.

According to Mansoor Hamayun, CEO and Co-founder of BBOXX, “While our pay-as-you-go energy is more affordable, cleaner and safer than traditional fuel alternatives, a key challenge in the expansion of this type of energy access remains accessibility and affordability for low-income segments of Rwanda’s population.”

BBOXX which provides remotely monitored solar home systems to urban and rural areas in Rwanda has impacted more than 80,000 households in Rwanda and has been exploring innovative ways to expand its reach to more users hence the launch of BBOXX ePay.

“The new service empowers Rwanda’s diaspora to transform the lives of their families, friends and communities from anywhere in the world through payments that enable energy access,” said Hamayun.


According to a World Bank Report, in 2019, payments to low and middle-income countries are expected to reach $550 billion worldwide, making up the largest source of external financing. BBOXX aims to help the diaspora empower their friends and families in Rwanda which saw over USD 180 million in remittances were received by its population from overseas in 2017.

“Through BBOXX ePay, we want to help mobilise money transfers towards sustainable investment into energy. The new service will not only transform the lives of Rwanda’s communities but also help to contribute towards country’s goal of achieving 100% electrification by 2024,” he added.

The platform works simply. Family members and friends select from a variety of packages such as 24” LED TVs, portable radios, shavers, portable torches, LED lights and phone chargers. When they start payments, BBOXX takes full care of the installation and training around how appliances can be used. The appliances can be paid for as long as 10 years via debit or a credit card payments like any other e-commerce website.

Starting prices are from USD65 (or RWF 59,200) for a one-year electricity trial, and the firm is offering discounts of up to 33%.