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Be patient Bandari fans, good things do take time

by kenya-tribune

Lest we forget, it’s not uncommon for a new coach to experience growing pains in their first season.

For Bandari head coach Anthony Kimani, this is no exception. He had a rocky start to the season, with the team losing three out of its seven matches.

These changes are evident in our playing style and our confidence whenever we take to the pitch. 

Though the team has struggled to find its footing, from the look of things, there is promise of a brighter future.

Kimani is a youthful coach who brings a fresh perspective to the team. Since taking the job after former coach Andre Casa Mbungo left, Kimani has made the dockers a dominant force, even though he had a tough start.

No doubt, Bandari are in good hands. Kimani’s passion and dedication to the game is evident in his coaching style. 

It is clear that he is the right man to bring success to the team, should he be given time and adequate resources.

Key strengths

One of the key strengths of  Bandari is having a youthful bench that has Daniel Lenjo as the assistant coach, and Wilson Oburu as the goalkeepers trainer.

They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team. Together with Kimani, they make for a strong coaching team that is capable of leading the team to glory in the Football Kenya Federation Premier League.

I feel that they have what it takes to make Bandari  one of the best teams in Africa.

Secondly, Bandari has young players hungry for results. With battle-hardened generals Felly Mulumba and Justin Ndikumana set to depart from the team, the youngsters have a golden chance to grow and blossom.

For players like Joseph Otieno, 20, — a regular starter — Ronny Otieno, Mbarak Musa, and Fidel Origa, it is their time to prove their worth under the guidance of Kimani.

Fans may easily be carried away by excitement, and the desire for instant  success, but they must realise that good things take time.

Kimani needs ample time to achieve his vision for the team. Success in football is not measured by the number of wins and losses, but by the progress over time. Let fans be patient and support Kimani.

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