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Beth Chapman Sings In Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman’s Tribute Video

by kenya-tribune
  • Duane “Dog” Chapman shared a touching tribute to his wife, Beth Chapman, on Thursday on Twitter.
  • Dog shared a lighthearted video of Beth dancing around and singing along to a Bruno Mars song.
  • Beth, 51, died Wednesday after being placed in a medically-induced coma to receive treatment for throat cancer.

    Beth Chapman, star of Dog the Bounty Hunter, died Wednesday at 51 while undergoing treatment for throat cancer. Since then, her husband Duane “Dog” Chapman has shared touching tributes and memories from her life.

    Dog’s latest tribute posted to Twitter shows a new side of his wife for fans. Dog wrote: “People have asked me. What is something fans do not know about Beth… Here you go.”

    What followed was a sweet memory and a 30-second video of Beth dancing around an almost empty restaurant and belting out Bruno Mars’ song “Perm.” Microphone in hand, she sings along with the lyrics. She waves her arms and her blonde hair is flying.

    At the time, there was no audience. Now, after Dog shared it, the video has more than 350,000 views.

    This video offers a glimpse into Beth’s positive attitude and fight, says Duane. “Her way was to live. She wanted to live so bad and she fought so long, and the reason she fought, she liked life but she wanted to show people how to beat it and what to do when it got her,” Duane shared in a press conference.

    In addition to Duane’s continuing tributes, more family, friends, and fans have shared condolences and memories of Beth. Their daughter Bonnie Chapman encouraged friends and fans to pay their respects. She also shared a touching photo of flowers on her mom’s car to Twitter.

    Our thoughts are with the Duane, Bonnie, and the rest of Beth’s family, friends, and fans.

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