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Blessings galore! Kate Actress sparks pregnancy rumours

by kenya-tribune
The actress

Kate Actress – real name Catherine Kamau – could be welcoming her second child with hubby Phil Karanja soon.

This is all based on her comment about her first child, son, Leon.

In a post where she was gushing over her now teenage son, Catherine said,

“So this is his public swag when he is out with me. No hugs, no kisses ‘Mum cheza chini ‘ is all I get ????, where did time go!”

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Kate Actress
Kate Actress with her family

She continued, “What do you mean you are 13 ?? Does this mean I can’t smack your face with a hot sufuria anymore when you piss me off? Of all the things I have I have achieved in my 32 years of existence, being your mum tops the list.”

Adding, “We have come from far, from our ‘kanyumba’ (bedsitters) to where we are now ???? we can only thank God ????????.”

To conclude the mooshy message, Catherine then pointed out “Happy birthday son, now please go to high school we are busy making your sister ????????.”

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Kate Actress and her husband, Phil
Kate Actress and her husband, Phil

In a past interview, Phil gushed about his love for Catherine and her son.

Phil said:

“Everyone has a background and everyone has baggage that’s standard. From the word go, let this guy know everything about you. We shouldn’t look at a lady with a child like she’s out of this world, I know its a huge responsibility. Its just a child.”

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