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Bolt Unveils Hybrid and Electric Cars in Kenya

by kenya-tribune

Ride-hailing company, Bolt, has unveiled a new ride category on its platform that features hybrid and electric cars. Dubbed Bolt Green, the new service seeks to steer the company towards reducing its carbon footprint and contribute to the fight against climate change.

This new category also aims at expanding Bolt’s ride options, thus creating more economic opportunities for drivers and providing passengers with more options to choose from. The category will charge similar to the already-existing Bolt Base category, with a minimum fare of KSh300. 

Meanwhile, Kenya Power has recently announced plans to install charging points for electric cars along major highways, parking lots and malls, countrywide. The move aims to bring new revenue streams and boost demand for vehicles that don’t use petrol and diesel.

The government of Kenya aims to increase the uptake of electric vehicles in the country in the next 5 years, with a goal to have 5% of all registered vehicles in Kenya being electric vehicles by 2025. Already, Nopia Ride, a taxi-hailing service that only uses electric cars, is scaling up operations in Kenya. The firm has so far installed charging stations in three locations; the Two Rivers Mall, the Hub Karen and Thika Road Mall.

To help encourage electric vehicles’ adoption, Kenya reduced excise duty on the cars from 20% to 10%.

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