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Broke Kenyans gush about city school charging Sh630k fee per term – Nairobi News

by kenya-tribune

A private school in the city has caused chatter on social media because of how much it charges as tuition fee for a single term.

The fee structure Peponi House Preparatory School was shared widely on social media touching off a fiery debate.

The fee structure presented in a form of a letter to parents is dated July 1, 2019, informing them of the schedule of fees to be paid for the academic year 2019 to 2020.

Parents and guardians are required to pay a termly fee of Sh632,285. It’s unclear if this is for day scholars or boarders. For the sports club and hiring of musical instruments the amount is Sh21,000 and Sh11,000 respectively.

The head teacher concludes the letter by expressing how happy he was that the 2019/2020 academic year contains zero percent increase on the levied fees.

Most city parents were in shock over what they say is an outrageous amount to pay just for one child’s education in lower school.

Moffat Wesley asked, “Ni fees ama wanauza plots?”


Shish Daniels said, “Reasonable fees.. Peponi my all-time school.”

Winny Knight wrote, “I’m so glad they did not increase fees this academic term .I’d be so dead. This is junior school. I pay double for my teen daughter in the same school. It’s very affordable I wonder why people are ranting. Taping from dreamland. Dreams do come true.”

Gacengeci Shadrack asked, “Can I take my child there as a musical instrument?”

Deejay Gavnah commented, “This is what ‘Waweke mahali pema Peponi’ means after all.”

Rachel Gitimu said, “Watu wa polling station tuko tu sawa.”

Eve Eva stated, “When the 11K for hiring instruments is way others pay for a whole year….. The haves n have not’s is real.”

Wakahiu Wairimu noted, “Hire a musical instrument is our termly school fees. Kweli hii dunia tuliescort wengine. uhai is importanter.”

Min Jabali said, “I pay 1,000 termly for sports and still complain. I surrender. Lanes tu.”

Waithira Wagachira said, “600k per month and someone affords to send more than 2 kids there? Kenya should not be categorized as a Third World country. We should be mentioned in the leagues of USA, china, Russia.”

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