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Bungoma clergy unite in outrage over ‘Jesus of Tongaren’

by kenya-tribune

Members of the clergy from Bungoma county have distanced themselves from the self-proclaimed ‘Jesus of Tongaren’ terming him a fraud.

The men and women of the cloth claim that he has gone against the holy scriptures and are calling for an end to what they view as a charade.

In recent days, Eliud Wekesa from Lukhokwe village, Tongaren constituency in Bungoma has made headlines, calling himself Jesus of Bungoma

Mr Wekesa has been seen in the company of followers whom, like the biblical Jesus, he calls his disciples, an act that has irked Bungoma clerics.

“We are followers of Jesus and no human being can be Jesus, the world should steer clear from hearing this perversion, these are people who don’t understand the Bible at all,” said Bishop Calistus Barasa

“We hear of people who compare themselves to Jesus, we as a church do not recognize them at all” added Rev Fredrick Ogara.

Recently, Mr Wekesa, who is also the spiritual leader of the New Jerusalem sect, broke silence on an alleged plot to crucify him on Easter.

He said God showed him that the assailants attempting to lay him on the cross will be overcome with deep slumber.

“The old man (God) told me they will dream of hammering nails on the cross while in their sleep and wake up confused about why their arms are still moving,” he said.

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