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Cabinet sanctions upscaling of security surveillance to prevent crime

by kenya-tribune

Cabinet has sanctioned the upscaling of security surveillance to prevent crime and also sanctioned swift and decisive action to deal with criminals in Nairobi County.

This was revealed during the second Cabinet meeting chaired by President William Ruto and was attended by all Cabinet Secretaries.

During the meeting, it was noted that the Nairobi County Security command had been reorganized and further augmented with the deployment of additional specialized police units drawn from the General Service Unit and the Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU).

From an overall perspective, the Cabinet also noted the state of national security is sound, even though parts of the country had over the last week experienced a surge in crime particularly in Nairobi as characterized by increased muggings and robberies and in the north where perennial banditry and cattle rustling activities continue.

They applauded our security officers who continue to make immense personal sacrifices to keep our nation and its borders safe.

The meeting also thanked all members of the public who voluntarily give information that is critical to safeguarding the nation.

Tuesday’s cabinet meeting centered on the State of National Security, continued response to Covid-19, Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in the region, the Economy with a focus on access to credit through the Administration’s transformative plan to foster financial inclusion by the establishment of the Hustlers’ Fund and the Security of our territorial waters as well as the categorization of Kenyan Waters in the Indian Ocean.

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