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Careem acquires UAE’s bikeshare service Cyacle to launch Careem Bike

by kenya-tribune

MENA’s Careem has acquired UAE’s bikesharing service Cyacle in a move that will help it enter the micro-mobility space.

According to Careem’s CXO and co-founder Magnus Olsson, “This deal means Careem will be able to improve micro-mobility in the region and simplify one of the most important mobility issues – the first and last mile problem. Many journeys are relatively short in distance, including those to and from transportation hubs such as metro and bus stations, so increasing bicycle availability and expanding routes will transform how people commute, as well as offering micro-mobility solutions for short-distance trips.”

Launched in December 2014, Cyacle is a popular fully-automated docked bikeshare service operating in Abu Dhabi with docking stations running 24-hours a day via an app and a touchscreen kiosks. For security, Cyacle’s docking systems releases bikes to members who have a key or private codes only.

The new Careem Bike app will be available for iOS and Android as a standalone app but will be bundled in the main Careem app shortly after that as Careem moves towards its mission to become the region’s mobility platform offering affordable transportation and first- and last-mile mobility throughout the MENA region.

Careem Bike is essentially for short distance trips such as to and from transportation hubs such as bus stations, for workout and families and friends or corporates.

“Bikeshare is a natural extension of Careem’s vision to improve mobility, sustainability, and affordability in the region and enhances transport options and improves mobility both within the communities in which they are stationed,” the firm announced.

“It’s exciting to be taking micro-mobility to the next level becoming an integral part of life in the capital, and with Careem now involved it will accelerate the service and improve the lives of so many more people in the region,” said Sami Amin, CEO of Cyacle.

Following the successful launch of Careem BUS in Egypt in December 2018, Careem BUS has officially launched in Saudi Arabia with Jeddah as the first city of operations with a fleet of 20 buses. The service is aimed at commuters, and the launch comes as part of Careem’s ongoing commitment to solving transportation issues, improving mobility and creating jobs.


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