Home Business CBK collects KSh 22.9 Billion from weekly t-bills auction.

CBK collects KSh 22.9 Billion from weekly t-bills auction.

by kenya-tribune

The Central Bank of Kenya(CBK) accepted bids worth KSh 22.9 Billion from the weekly Treasury Bills Auction out of KSh 38.9 Billion received from investors, an oversubscription of 162.5%.

The most attractive instrument was the one year Treasury Bills, which received bids worth KSh 27.6 Billion, a performance rate of 276.3%. The CBK accepted bids worth KSh 11.7% on this instrument out of the KSh 10 Billion that was on offer.

The 182-day Treasury Bills received bids worth KSh 9.9 Billion against accepted amounts of KSh 9.8 Billion, a performance rate of 99.9%.

The 91-days Treasury Bills was the least attractive with a performance rate of 34.34% with KSh 1.37 Billion accepted out of the KSh 4 billion offered. The CBK accepted KSh 1.34 Billion.

CBK accepts KSh 22.9 Billion from weekly auction

Out of the KSh 22.9 Billion accepted, this was made up of KSh 19.7 Billion in competitive bids and KSh 3.2 Billion in non-competitive bids.

Interest rates paid on the 91-day, 182-day and 364-day Treasury Bills was 7.137%, 7.818% and 8.973% at this auction compared to 7.139%, 7.865% and 9.156% at the last auction.

The next auction date and bids closure is 10th June 2021 with results to be announced the following day.

The actual amount to be realised from the auction will be subject to National Treasury’s immediate liquidity requirements for the week.

Where several successful bidders quote a common rate, the CBK reserves the right to allot bids on a pro-rata
basis. The Central Bank reserves the right to accept/reject bids in part or in full without giving any reason. Individual bids must be of a minimum face value of Kshs. 100,000.00. Only investors with active CDS accounts are eligible.

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