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Chantelle Petit speaks after baby daddy Ephy Saint is romantically linked to Brenda Wairimu

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Word making rounds on social media is that Brenda Wairimu is the main reason as to why Chantelle Petit is no longer with Ephy Saint.

The story was first aired by YouTuber Edgar Obare who shared a few screenshots linking Brenda and Ephy Saint together.

Brenda Wairimu

The YouTuber went on to reveal that he got the receipts from a private source who prefers to stay unnamed; and looking at the photos shared, well we can assume that the rumors could be true in one way or another.

Chantelle Petit responds

Well, being a social media person Chantelle Petit seems to have come across the stories but says she will not speak anything about her past.

Chantelle Petit

It indeed was a messy experience for her especially with the medical complications that saw her get into depression.

She went on to share a detailed post where she refused to be dragged back into an experience that will affect her mental health and that of her daughter’s. Chantelle wrote;

I participated in a very messy social media drag last year and made a decision afterwards not to do it again. For the sake of my baby in the future. I maintain my stance.

It’s so easy to get dragged down by desperate attempts to prove righteousness on social media. I will not participate in back & forth again otherwise I remain in the same cycle of abuse that I’ve been trying to run away from since 2018.

Miss Chantelle went on to add;

The truth will always be known by those who have been there for boo boo and I during the last 2 years. Family, friends and strangers. Those who have picked my calls in the middle of the night crying, those who have rushed us to the hospital in the middle of the night because something new and complicated has happened to my baby, those who have cried with me and tried to find a solution and those who have helped me when my pockets were running dry. We are many and we’ve all witnessed the reality of things, the pain and we’ve all taken on the emotional and financial burden and will continue to do so.

I also will not be bullied into making decisions that are not healthy for both mine and my daughter’s mental, emotional and physical health. There’s a lot that happens behind closed doors only the small good is shown on social media.

Like I said yesterday it is something I want to deal with in private as I have been for the last 4 months. I ask that you respect my decision for the sake of My Daughter and for the sake of peace ?

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