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Christian Bella is brings you ‘Pete’

by kenya-tribune

Christian Bella is back with a new jam dubbed Pete. In this jam he has featured AY and Mwana FA. It seems that bongo artists are on a releasing spree. Pete comes just days after his last collaboration.

Christian Bella is really doing so well in the industry. You know for a fact that this guy is super talented. Looking at his work he never disappoints and he keeps on setting the standards higher.

Pete is a Swahili word and we all know it as a ring. In this case Pete has been used to bring out the marriage theme. In short it is used as a symbol of marriage or commitment.

The song is very simple but has a deep meaning with it. It is all about love.


In every work there is always a team behind it. In music, excellent production attracts fans. In this case Pete has a great team behind. It was directed by Joowzey. He has treated the video with utmost love and passion.

Also, graphics and quality of the video are of international standards. In addition, the shots used here easily flow and relate with the theme of the song.

Background to the song is just great. It’s audio and beats are in line. This audio is well mixed and the words clear.

Message of ‘Pete’

In addition to the good production work, I must admit Christian Bella has a talent in writing. I mean look at the lyrics and how well delivered and outlined they are. In this case, you realize that the wedding theme can be felt.

This is all about love and the colors used symbolize love. Also he has a great voice and yo know what? This is the voice that has given all the emotions and love.

Nikikuvisha Pete is the chorus to this song. Simply it says when I put the wedding ring on your finger. In conclusion, Christian Bella is great and his style of art is amazing.

Also, the song is open to everyone whether young or old. It can be played anywhere be it in a club or during a wedding. I give Pete a rating of 7/10.

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