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Ciku Muiruri advises women to quote high

by kenya-tribune

Ciku Muiruri has started a very interesting conversation: The unfortunate truth about working in most offices is the reality of sexual harassment. Men get harassed (there are very many predatory gay men and older women in management). Women get harassed by randy lecherous managers and men in positions of power.

And while conventional thinking would inform you to run to HR and report the matter, perhaps there is a simpler, smarter route -depending on who does the choosing- solution to the problem.

Ebter Ciku Muiruri. She has a whole solution figured out and she believes it is better than any other solution out there. She is advising women to finesse their sexual harassers. This is what she said about the issue:

Your wife, daughter, sister or niece is currently being asked for sexual favours in the workplace. Personally, I do not know a woman who has never been subjected to this. If you outrightly say no to a predator like this and mistakenly think it ends there, you are naive. You are not taking into account how dangerous a man with a bruised ego can be. My advice is this: Never say no, just quote high. If you simply say “No. I’m not interested,” you risk damaging that ego and once you do, well, he will find a reason to fire you. 
Never say no, just quote high… He will never afford you. And if he does, take his money and run for the hills. Who says you have to sleep with him? – #LoveisButADream DM for your copy. 990/-

Do you think this solution will work?

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