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Clash looms as Uganda bans Bobi Wine’s grand reception

by kenya-tribune

Ugandan police and supporters of MP Robert Kyagulanyi are headed for a clash following the lawmaker’s insistence on a grand public reception upon his arrival from the US.

The Kyandondo East lawmaker, popularly known as Bobi Wine, has said police have no business deciding who receives him when he returns home. 

He flew to the US for treatment on September 1 for injuries he claimed were inflicted upon him while in detention.

Ugandan authorities initially dismissed the allegations that Kyagulanyi was beaten up in detention as “rubbish” and “fake news.”

But later a police spokesman said there would be an investigation into the claims.

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The police have issued a notification restricting that the musician turned politician be strictly received by immediate members of his family and lawyers.

But a defiant Bobi, on his Twitter page on Tuesday, condemned the police’s plan saying they “must not descend that low”. 

“They also said they will escort me to my home. I’m wondering why these police officers allow themselves to descend so low?”

Protests erupted in the Ugandan capital after police detained the legislator at the airport during a previous attempt to travel abroad for medical care.

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“They now want to decide who picks me up and where I go upon arrival? Well, for your information, no single family member will receive me at the airport,” the lawmaker said.

“I will find them home because I know where home is,” he said adding that he will be received by friends, colleagues, leaders, and artists.

“I will then go and see my sick grandmother briefly at Najjanankumbi, then head to Kamwokya for lunch with my family (brothers and sisters) before I go to my home in Magere.”

The legislator maintained that he is “a free Ugandan with the right to move freely in my country.” “This impunity must stop now. See you friends tomorrow.”

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