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Comedian Kartelo explains his sudden disappearance from limelight

by kenya-tribune

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Comedian Nick Chege AKA Kartelo has broken his long silence that led fans to speculate about his whereabouts.

Kartelo who was last heard of in February has stated that he is fine and is currently concentrating on raising his daughter T.

Kartelo spoke in video recording with comedian Mulamwah who had gone to check on him in his hood in Kayole.

In the video posted on Mulamwah’s Instagram stories, Mulamwah asks Kartelo why he has gone missing on social media.

“Mimi niko tu, unajua I am not just a musician, you know I am someone’s dad, you know I am someone’s son and I am also someone’s brother,” said the comedian.

When asked whether he still works on Milele Fm he replied by saying that is a story for another day.

Na story ya radio iliendaje, wasee wanauliza kuliendaje?” asked Mulamwah

Radio nayo ni story ya siku ingine…lakini iko tu fine,” replied Kartelo

Kartelo advised people to appreciate God, not to rush things and take progress slowly.

“Wasee wafurahie, wapende kupiga mboga yao safi… appreciate God kwa kile waka nayo, progress pole pole usitake kukimbililia,” he said.

The last time the comedian posted on his social media pages was this year on February 6th and has been off social media since.

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