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Cops rescue suspected witch from lynch mob in Mwingi

by kenya-tribune

Police in Mwingi rescued an elderly man, suspected of being a witch, from a lynch mob on Sunday.

The man was accosted by locals of Migwani after he scooped soil at the town’s terminus in an unclear motive.

Kambas believe that if someone scoops soil from a certain area, there is dark plot by sorcerers against the residents.

The elderly man pleaded with the mob after his hands were tied and a tyre put around his waist in readiness for his killing.

He explained to the angered lot that he had been sent by a man only identified as Kasingili.

“Don’t set me ablaze. I have been sent by Kasingili from Kaliluni area to collect the soil,” he cried out.

Some asked him to speak of the number of they have killed together with his master.

“Sorcerers should not be given chances to live,” others shouted.

The officers took the elderly man to Migwani police post. 

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