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Does Jubilee Party vice chairman David Murathe have the blessings of President Uhuru Kenyatta in his constant outburst targeted at Deputy President William Ruto or is he just speaking his mind? The supporters of the DP are now beginning to feel that the President has maintained a studious silence while Murathe is creating tension. A number of Jubilee MPs both from Rift Valley and Mt Kenya are concerned that if the President does not rein in Murathe, his remarks could soon cause ethnic polarization. And where is Jubilee Chairman Nelson Dzuya when all this is happening?


And still on matters to to do with Murathe. In politics they say there are no permanent enemies, only permanent interest. If interest changes, then even the worse rival becomes a celebrated friend. Murathe seems to be a good example of the old adage going by the praises being heaped on him by ODM MPs who just a year ago could not stomach the mention of the name of Jubilee party. Murathe – considered a mouthpiece of President Uhuru Kenyatta – has turned the Deputy President into a punching bag even threatening to approach the Supreme Court to stop his 2022 bid. This message, which has been repeated over and over, is driving opposition supporters crazy and who have made it a top topic in almost all the Whatsapp platforms and other social media forums.


Raila Odinga‘s ODM party is said to be at a cross-roads in Embakasi South’s upcoming by-election. Reason? While former MP Irshad Sumra Mohammed successfully challenged the victory of Julius Mawathe, it is believed that a former ODM MCA in one of the wards in Eastlands is more popular and, already, Jubilee Party has started courting the long time civic leader. A source in the constituency has whispered to Corridors that the former MCA is today expected to make his final decision and revert back to Jubilee. According to the source, the former ward representative had promised a Jubilee party official to consult Raila if ODM would give him direct nomination and should they fail, then he will fight for the Jubilee ticket in the by-election.


At a high-level meeting towards the end of 2018, a team of senior police officers were shocked when a member of a top-notch committee proposed that the police start the process of buying one million whistles as part of a campaign to fight crime. A member of the top secret security meeting started by asking why one million units? The proposer, a top cop as well, went silent at first then launched into why it was a credible and good idea. It was not lost on those present that the police force, including APs, are about 120,000 only. The question is had the suggestion been approved, who would have been given the balance. Eventually the idea was shot down and the mover maintained a dignified silence. This is literally a case of whistle-blowing.

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