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A rapacious commissioner of the National Police Service Commission has his peers and juniors in shock. The commissioner has made it a habit of sending a driver to a major police training centre in the city to collect food every weekend. He has scared the administrators of the training college who pack the vehicle with bales of maize meal, rice, beans, sugar and sometimes sausages meant for trainee police officers. His driver normally confirms the cargo which is then happily driven to his workers for a weekend feast. The commissioner has ensured the government now feeds his workers, pays him a hefty salary. Cops in the know say they cannot wait for the commissioner’s term to end next month.


Are there well laid down plans to deny MPs opposed to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s memorandum on VAT the requisite numbers to veto him? Well, a number of NO lawmakers were heard claiming that several of their colleagues are being offered unnecessary foreign trips since last week to ensure lawmakers fail the 233 minimum threshold when they re-converge today to decide on the Finance Bill 2018.


The recent sale of Lost and Found vehicles recovered by police countrywide seems to have run into headwinds after a couple of officers tasked with the auction ‘allocated’ themselves most of the said automobiles. While one is alleged to have ‘given’ himself nine vehicles, another is said to have called his friends and relatives. Yet another called associates to whom he was selling his share of cars for as low as Sh200,000. To make it easier for him to dispose of the vehicles, one officer is said to have replaced an auctioneer with one from his community. All this was done without the knowledge of senior police officers under whose mandate the auction would otherwise fall.

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Are cartels back with a bang at a key Health ministry parastatal with a relatively new boss? Word has it that the prolonged suspension of the procurement director pursuant to the presidential directive has worsened the situation. Reason? The acting director is said to have gone into a frenzy awarding lucrative and inflated tenders to cronies. The suspended director is said to have been intolerant to cartels in his department. The smooth talking new procurement officer is said to have taken advantage of the new CEO who is said to be green on matters procurement.


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