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Court Stops Vetting of 51 PS Nominees – GhettoRadio 89.5 FM

by kenya-tribune

Employment and Labour  Relations Court  has issued  a conservatory order  stopping  vetting  of 51 Principal  Secretaries by the National Assembly.

Justice  Msyoki Wa Makau said pending  the hearing  and determination  of a petition  before  court,the names  if the PS nominees should  not  be presented  to  the parliament.

He said  serious  issues  have been  raised  by the applicant  touching  on the disparity, ethnic  and gender  balance.

“Pending  the hearing  of the application  by the parties  on 21st November  2022, a conservatory  order is hereby  issued  restraining  the respondent  from receiving or vetting  the respondents.”

The judge directed  that the matter  be placed before  any other  court  in the division  for inter parte hearing  on 21st November  2022.

“The hearing  be before  any Employment  and Labour  Relations  Court  Judge in Nairobi ” Justice  Makau further  directed.

The Law Society  of Kenya moved  the court  saying  the nomination  of PSs did not meet  criteria  and the aspirations  of all Kenyans  and was not inclusive.

The lawyers  body had  sued the Attorney  General, the National Assembly  and the public  service  commission on

the nomination  of the 51 PS nominees

By Rodgers Oduor

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