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Crowning glory! 10 Hair styles that transformed Vera Sidika to a wife material




Vera Sidika is always the talk of town.

If she is not twerking and making team mafisi crazy with desire, she is hanging out in posh places that make fisilets envious of her lifestyle.

But Vera revealed life is not all rosy…

Pia Socialites Hukula Shida! Vera Sidika Opens Up About Her Struggles

The Kenyan socialite has traversed the world and meet the who is who in the entertainment arena.

Check out some of her photos with various personalities.

Angry Entrepanuas! Vera Sidika And Huddah Monroe In Vicious Fight (VIDEO)

As a popular personality who meets many people, how she presents herself is something of utmost importance.

Vera spares no expense when it comes to grooming herself. She spends money on the latest fashion designs and footwear.

And good clothes have to be complemented with good hair and make-up.

Here are the top ten Vera Sidika signature hairstyles that fans have come to love and some hate.

She is definitely not her hair because she keeps changing it.

After Denying Having A One Night Stand With Fetty Wap, Vera Sidika Posts Intimate Photos Of The Rapper

  1. The Short Blond Crop

Vera Sidika rocked this look very well.

She coupled it with a pair of hot sunglasses and attention-grabbing lipstick to accentuate her looks.

See how she wore this look.

2. Sassy Miss Red Head

One thing that Vera understands, is a passion for what she does.

This passion is most times displayed by her choice of weave colours.

Vera has on numerous occasions been spotted with this hairstyle and truth be told, red is a good colour for this yellow-yellow.

Check out the look.

3. The Black Boy Cut

This hair style brings out her colour ya thao, skin hue.

It also gives her a very mature and well-put-together-not-ratchet-at-all look.

Check out how Vera rocked it.


4. The Fetty Wap

So, word has it that Vera was gifted a Ferrari branded cap that was once owned by American rapper Fetty Wap.

I’m not sure how true that is, but Vera has rocked that look courtesy of the red cap from the award-winning rapper.

Check it out for yourself.

5. The Long Flowing Blond Look

This seems to be Vera’s classic go-to hairstyle. She has been photographed on numerous occasions donning long flowing blond coloured weaves.


Somethings the weave is straight, most times it is curly.

Here is how she wore this look.

6. The Head Gear Look

There are times a chic has bad hair days. To combat this, you cover your hair with a hat, cape or trendy headscarf.

But for Vera, head gears are not for hiding bad hair days but accentuate good ones. Check out how she rocked the good hair with the headgears.

7. The Curly Wavy – Good Girl Next Door Look

In this look, Vera looks demure and coy. She gives off a girl-next-door vibe.

A chic who you can sit down with on a date and have a fun and interesting conversation.

She doesn’t come off as overly high maintenance in this look, unlike the others detailed before this.

Check out her look.

8. The Badass Matron-hair-off-the-face bun

Once in a while, Vera will mix it up and pull a move no one expected. The chic who is known to let her hair down decided for a more mature matron-like look.

She tied her hair back in a bun. It may have been for a serious business meeting, who knows!

Vera also coupled the look with a turtle neck covering her most valued assets.

Vera Sidika Hair

9. The Cheap Looking Weave

Vera is human too, she errs. Despite her expensive and stylish taste in weaves, there are times she wears weaves that look cheap and badly fixed onto her head. This is one such instance.

Vera Sidika Hair


10. Before the money-and-the-bleaching

Everyone knows Vera Sidika after the fame. But before all the money and jet setting lifestyle, Vera was a hustler too.

Expensive weaves were not a priority back then. Hence the choice in these ugly looking hair additions. Check them out.



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Should you wear panty liners every day?



Panty liners help contain leakages that could stain your clothes (Photo: Shutterstock)

The question of whether or not it’s okay to wear panty liners every day is still debatable. Some people can wear them for days on end without any major concern while others aren’t quite comfortable with the idea.

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Whatever the case may be, let’s tackle why wearing them every day may not be such a bad thing and also on the other hand why it may not favour everyone. 


1. Daily freshness

The vagina cleans itself every day. While cleaning, some discharge comes out and this is normal. Liners come in handy because they contain the discharge, so you can be comfortable all day. Panties might not secure the discharge as well as panty liners. So the liners provide that extra comfort daily.

2 They’re perfect before and after your period 

When you know your period is due in a few days, there’s that anxiety at the back of your mind. Every woman has that fear of ending up with a huge blood stain on their clothes in public. This is where panty liners come to your rescue. They’re a good back up plan in case your period comes unexpectedly. Panty liners are also the perfect alternative to pads on the last days of your period when the flow is lighter. It’s that point where a pad would be a little too bulky and a tampon wouldn’t work either.

3. They help with postpartum discharge

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Panty liners also come in handy after you’ve had a baby. There is usually some discharge during this period and liners help keep it contained. There are thick panty liners for extra absorption and thin ones too. Pick what works for you.

4. They help contain urine leakage 

There are those times when there is no bathroom in sight. And you might be so pressed that you have a slight leakage before you find one. If you have a panty liner at least, you’re safe. Otherwise some of the pee will slip through easily. There are also those times when you have to pee but there is no tissue or wet wipes around. Panty liners can provide that shield and prevent leakages as well. 


Panty liners are great but should you wear them every single day? Lots of studies have shown the risks of wearing them on a daily basis and some have even experienced the downsides of doing so. Below are some of the arguments against wearing liners daily.

Wearing them every day, however, could be quite expensive (Photo: Shutterstock)

i. They can cause infections


Panty liners usually trap a lot of moisture. This will accelerate the growth of bacteria especially if you’re using them every day. You’re putting yourself at risk when you don’t let your lady parts breathe. It’s not advisable to wear them all day, every day.

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ii. The scented ones are risky

It’s even worse if you use scented panty liners. You’re more likely to develop yeast infections and many other bacterial and fungal infections. The scented liners also get smelly when worn for too long without changing.

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iii. They can irritate the skin

That constant friction from daily wear can irritate your skin. This causes itching, redness and rashes in some cases. That means you’ll spend a couple of days dealing with the pain and discomfort caused by the liners which you don’t necessarily have to be using every day.

iv. Every day wear is costly

This is also something to think about if you want to wear them every single day. Those who are against using them like this put this factor into consideration as well. Using them constantly can put a dent in your pocket because they don’t come cheap.

Still, some women have worn them every day without any trouble. They come in handy for those who experience a lot of discharge and this makes them more comfortable.

For others, wearing them daily is not a good idea. It can cause a lot of problems especially if you’re prone to yeast infections.

If you must wear them every day, opt for the ultra-thin, 100% cotton variety. They are more breathable compared to other options.

Also, avoid the scented ones to reduce the risk of infections.


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Here is a list of best music collaborations in Kenya




They say that when two or more brains are put together awesome things come out as a result and for this case we are going to look at some artists who have worked together to produce bomb songs.

Some of the collaborations are magic and they will live to be loved of due to the chills the artistes gave us for producing marvelous hits together.

Here are some of the artistes from Kenya that have done incredible work together.

Wyre and Nazizi

Apart from being a band they are a duo that are legendary and they are so united when it comes to making music together. They have singles like Kenyan boy Kenyan girl, Bless my room and So Ruff among others.

Juacali and Sanaipei Tande

Hip hop legend Juacali from Calif Records joined forces with former member of group SEMA and actress Sanaipei Tande to give us good music and romantic ones in that case. The two are behind the songs ‘Kwaheri’ and ‘Geti kali’

Amani and Nameless

The two are legends in Kenyan music and across East Africa. Nameless and Amani did a song together that is called ‘Ninanoki’ in the early 2000’s. The ‘Ninanoki’ song is a timeless song that is still a club banger today.

Habida and Nameless

Yet again Nameless is mentioned and this time with the beautiful female artist Habida. They collaborated together to produce the song called ‘Sunshine’  and in this collaboration is where Habida had her breakthrough in the music industry. The chemistry between the two in the music video can make a single person want to fall in love.

Kristoff and Khaligraph

The two hip hop geniuses were the men behind the song ‘We be happening’ and they did a remix to the song that featured various big names in the Kenyan music industry. They also did the remix of ‘Biashara’ single which was originally done by female rapper Stella Mwangi ‘STL’

Timmy T Dat and Sudi Boy

The two brought nice music together considering that Timmy T Dat is from Nairobi and Sudi Boy is from Mombasa as they do still have the culture from the cities they represent respectively. One of the songs they did together is ‘Zile mbili’


Avril and Marya

Although they have done one song together, they gave us one hit that will always be remembered. The title of the song is ‘chokoza’ and the song is basically about women giving men restless time in the club leaving men ‘Wakikula kwa macho’. Hope to see the two beauties doing another song together in the near future.

Nonini and P. Unit

The legend Nonini discovered the celebrated music group P. Unit and they did ‘si lazima’ song then they later did ‘Hapa Kule’ and ‘Kushoto Kulia’. The songs are still hits till today. If they could collaborate again together it would be nice for their fans.

Willy Paul and Size 8

Gospel singers Willy Paul and Size 8 did their first collaboration together with the song ‘tam tam’ which was a love gospel song encouraging people to be in love, how to build a long lasting relationship and how to choose the right partner for marriage. They did another song together called ‘Sijafika’ which they included gospel artist Gloria Muliro and Kambua.

Sauti Sol and Nyashinski

Sauti Sol is one of the groups in Kenya that are all over Africa representing Kenya. They have collaborated with hip hop legend and former ‘kleptomaniax’ Nyashinski who is also putting Kenyan Music across the African continent and internationally. The two bigwigs in the Kenyan music industry produced ‘short and sweet’ single that will live long. They recently released their new collaborative song called ‘Tujiangalie

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“Hatuwachani!” Vanessa Mdee’s boyfriend Rotimi tells Tanzanians




Vanessa Mdee and her power boyfriend actor Rotimi have no plans of parting ways anytime soon and if anything; their love is here to stay!

The two revealed this during one of Vanessa Mdee’s video shared on her page where she opened up about her silence.

According to Vanessa Mdee, she chose to address this as assurance to fans that she will soon be back to making music; however just not anytime soon.

Break time

Vanessa Mdee who is currently living in the United States with her lover Rotimi revealed that she never took any break since her career began 13 year ago.

Vanessa mdee

But after meeting Rotimi and falling in love; she now feels that some time off music would do her some justice especially mentally and also physically.

Stuck with each other

What left many Tanzanians burying their faces in their hands is after Rotimi sneaked into the video then went on to say “Hatuachani!”

Clearly this shows that Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi have already come across rumors claiming that their relationship will not last!

However, Rotimi makes it clear that he has no plans of leaving Vanessa Mdee and neither does she!

The actor who is popularly known for his role on Power series is undeniably handsome and if anything; he seems to be giving many women out here sleepless nights – but as for now he exclusively remains as Mdee’s main man!


Juma Juxx

After breaking up with his Asian girlfriend, Juma Juxx has lately been keeping a low profile on social media; and rumor has it that losing Vanessa Mdee changed hit him differently!

Juma Juxx with ex girlfriend

On the brighter side, at least he got a chance to enjoy Huddah’s company in Zanzibar a few weeks ago, right?

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