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Dance with the angels! Photos of Mariam Kigenda who died in Likoni ferry incident

by kenya-tribune

Family and friends of Mariam Kigenda are yet to come to terms with her untimely demise. Mariam together with her second born child Amanda Mutheu, died on Sunday evening after their car sank in the ocean at Likoni ferry channel

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The vehicle and its occupant is yet to be recovered 24 hours later and Kenyans are angry with the government.

Mariam, who was a businesswoman in Mombasa was married to John Wambua. They were blessed with two children Alvin and Amanda.

Her friends have taken to social media to mourn her and some of their messages include;

Hon Sheila Karembo Mama Alvin it’s hard for me to say you are no more, l still believe you will come out of that water and l see you breathe. Last week you called me and you wanted to bring me more dresses the riots at TUM stopped you on that specific day, you called to let me know you will visit the following day.
I knew you would come, my friend. I knew you as Mama Alvin until l met your sisters and they could not stop calling you Mariam. My daughter Briana was your daughter Mariam. You were a good cook, l could not wait to come to your house for biriani and pilau.  Your son Alvin loved the ginger, carrots and mango juice that l loved to prepare. Even during the initiation, all he asked from me was the juice.

You were my good neighbor who eventually turned to be my sister. We spent so much time together Mama Alvin, until you moved to Tudor but we always visited each other. Our never-ending conversations would make us stick together for hours even at your parking lot whenever I assumed am in a hurry and l never wanted to come to the house.

God blessed you with Amanda and it brought you lots of joy. You really wanted a baby girl and it made you and your family complete. You loved going to the farm in Kwale over the weekend. We would go dancing at Shakatak in Diani with Mami too. Today is the 2nd day in that water Mariam Kighenda l don’t know what to do, tears just rolling from my eyes. I believe l will see you again.
I don’t know what to tell Briana, Mama Alvin you are with Amanda your little princess. We are waiting for you dear.

Lucy Ndolo Still can’t believe I’m typing RIP and your name in the same sentence ??!!
Rest in peace kipenzi Mariam Kighenda and baby Amanda!! My brother John Wambua may God comfort you with Alvin!!

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Kawangware Finest This is unacceptable for the accident that happens in the Indian Ocean. Don’t we have a Quick Response Marine Services? We watched the Car Sinking and Killing its occupants.

Steve Ogolla Having watched mom and daughter drown at Likoni Ferry, I am completely devastated. Even if we’re the poorest of the poor and without facilities, it would have been better to have 1000 men die while attempting a rescue, than to watch helplessly. This is just so sad.

Susan Mutiso May they rip, I could not watch the video to the end

Kevin Mbugua So heartless Rip in peace beautiful souls

Kevin Mulaa So sad rest in peace mum and your little angel

Denni Kiplimo This is 2019 and we still living like we’re in the 18th Century. What happened at #LikoniFerry is very disgusting. I mean, we shouldn’t have lost a life here

Agnes Kagure Loss of beautiful souls; Mariam Kigenda and her four-year-old daughter Amanda Mutheu.The Ferry services should have better safety measures and a more efficient response team.
May the departed Rest in Peace.

Claritah Wachira Am still in shock! Hope this is not true jamani Mariam! ?

Donald B Kipkorir Yesterday, Kenya watched as Miriam Kigenda, 35 & beautiful daughter Amanda, 4, sank to their death at #LikoniFerry . There was no hero . No one in the two ferries next to each other jumped to save them . And we are yet to even retrieve them . We lost our Conscience to Corruption.

Joe Mithamo What’s happening at #LikoniFerry shows just how this could try is full of a bunch of jokers. The amount of laxity witnessed during disasters is disgusting.

Fmtalaki How can I vehicle sink with no rescue yet the country boasts of Kenya coast guard’s?

Below are photos of the beautiful Mariam Kigenda, go through

Mariam Kigenda
Mariam with her one of her kids

Mariam Kigenda

Mariam Kigenda

Mariam KigendaMariam KigendaMariam Kigenda

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