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‘Demons Are Real! I Just Realized That My Fiancee’s Body Count Is More Than 7,’ Sobs Heartbroken Man

by kenya-tribune

There’s nothing as bad as loving someone then they cheat on you. It leaves one heartbroken and at times, some sink into depression vowing never to love again.

A city man is among the thousands of men out here hurting after being cheated on. According to this man, he gave his fiancee everything she needed and even paid school fees for her only to find out she cheated on him. The two were in a relationship for more than three years before he dumped her.

“I’m in pain writing this post. I just realised my 3 years plus relationship has been a lie. My fiancee’s body count over the period of our relationship is more than 7. I literally paid her through school, took care of her bills, put her on a monthly allowance. There is absolutely nothing you can do to satisfy a lady. The prayer is for God to just give you the one that will be faithful to you. Let me continue wallowing in my pain.”

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Eva: Just 7 and you’re crying…Dude, you should be thankful… She’s going to be good sports in bed, she was picking up lessons from those guys.. Marry her and love her. Forgiveness is the key.

Femmy: Sorry bro wait on the lord…

Janelle: Some ladies are not satisfied

Chiquita: What’s your own body count? Before you start crucifying, answer that

Oloke: Just 7 body count you want to divide red sea,oga calm down

Thattolugirl: Call me biased but I feel no pity when a guy complains he got cheated on. It’s probably karma.

Lulu: Demonesses ??? if the tables were turned, somebody will say “all men cheat deal with it”. Please drink panadol you’ll be fine

Cinamonroses: Sorry bro. Cry, forgive, learn and move

Jenne: That’s how some ladies will make other people look bad. But anyways if it’s a girl there’s a problem but if it’s a guy then it’s cool. We all need a break ?

Yeni: Why wallow in pain? Leave the relationship.. live your life and move on. Stay single till the right woman comes along. Till then, find a way to be happy alone.

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