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Diamond finally explains why Tanasha’s birthday gift is owned by Mama Dangote

by kenya-tribune

Evil does exist in this world and it has a famous face.

Tanzanian artiste Diamond Platnumz has stired the wrath of netizens after he validated claims that the birthday gift he bought for ex, Tanasha, was never her’s from the beginning.

During Tanasha’s birthday celebrations last year, Diamond made a huge show of gifting both Tanasha and his mother, Sandra Kassim, a car, each.

It now turns out, the ride never really belonged to Tanasha but rather Sandra.

It was all for show.

Today, Mama Dangote has gone online to show off the car in a series of photos.

Fans questioned her on whether the car really belonged to her and why she has hidden the number plates.

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All Mama Dangote said was in the caption of the photos which was a cryptic message.

Check it out below.

Now, what got people’s blood boiling was the fact that Diamond rubber stamped the rumours by confirming them.

Responding to his mother’s post, Diamond wrote,

“Kula Maisha mamaangu, Umepata tabu sana kunilea hadi leo kufika hapa…furaha yangu ni kuona unafurahi ? (Enjoy your life, mummy. You have had a rough life raising me to the point I’m where I am… my happiness is entrenched in seeing you happy.”

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Here are photos of Mama Dangote eating life with a big spoon enjoying Tanasha’s birthday present.

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