Home Entertainment Diamond Platnumz sister Esma Dangote’s boyfriend caught cheating

Diamond Platnumz sister Esma Dangote’s boyfriend caught cheating

by kenya-tribune

Esma Dangote has to ponder the new question many a millennial is face with: what is cheating. Think about that, what constitutes cheating?

Diamond Platnumz’ sister Esma sadly reveals her marriage ended

Is flirting cheating? Esma like many other women will probably answer in the affirmative. But for a man as simple as me, flirting isn’t cheating. While the validation your partner is seeking from all the flirting she is doing can become problematic, flirting isn’t cheating.

Esma Dangote or Esma Platnumz might not necessarily agree with me because her new boy toy was caught in some random women’s DMs.

This is a big problem because Esma recently saw her marriage breakdown and end in dissolution which would mean that she might just suck at choosing men for romantic relationships.


‘Mimi sipendangi wanaume weupe’ Diamonds sister Esma disqualifies light skin men

According to the reports in Tanzanian tabloids, Esma Platnumz is dating a degenerate who has been putting her through the wringer in terms of having to put up with his affinity for mind-altering substances and every random woman’s garden of Eden.


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