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Before he embarked on his career as a runner, Eliud Kipchoge who’s regarded as the greatest marathoner ever,was a milk vendor, Eliud would transport milk to various destinations on a hired bicycle.He made the revelation during his recent online engagement with veteran radio girl, Cess Mutungi.

Infact,it was from the milk transportation venture that earned him money to buy sports gear after toiling for close to a year,talk of humble beginnings and a great conviction towards his dream.

“By the way it was not mine (bicycle) i was hired i was earning by just transport fee so immediately i left the job of dropping the milk then i left the bicycle,sikununua niliachia mwenyewe …I think over six months close to a year, I got some salary to buy the shoes,to buy the equipment then i embarked on the real job now, running” Explained Kipchoge

Mama’s Boy

Eliud commands power,love and respect from all spheres of life, the term ‘G.O.A.T’-Greatest Of All Time has been used time and again while his name is mentioned.

However,to his mother Eliud is still his Mama’s boy despite the many accolades to his name.

“To say actually the truth is that am still his boy, I don’t think my mother understands what Great Of All Time (G.O.A.T) means absolutely.

Greatest Lesson From Failure

They say, Experience is the best teacher, through Eliud Kipchoge’s career failing to earn a top three slot in London taught him that sometimes the wind doesn’t blow your way and when that happens it creates an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and bounce back big, there’s always room for another day.

“My greatest failure actually is when i failed to clinch the top three in London and i learnt that actually you know you cannot be happy every now and then and sometimes you can wake up very early in the morning and it’s not your day so i learnt alot that actually missing the podium is not actually suicide ” He stated partly

What Drives Him

Eliud Kipchoge eats, drinks,sleeps and dreams running.It’s so dear to his heart that he’s dedicated to make the world a ‘running world’

“What keeps me going is the love of sport … that’s why I want to bring change that i want to make this country and this continent and this world a running world” He continued

Eliud Kipchoge’s dalliance with running is immesurable that when he was asked if it wasn’t for ruining what would he be doing, his reply was run,run and run.It’s a passion that he’s been able to build in more than two decades.

“I think that beats my IQ because I’ve been in sports for over 20 years …I don’t have a second option immediately you have a second option then you can fail” he stated.

Lasting Legacy

The legendary marathoner revealed his thirst to leaving a lasting legacy to future generations.He said his ability to smash his own world record is a true reflection that limits can be overcome.

“I want to be remembered actually by teaching people how to push limits and teaching people to know that limits doesn’t exist but only exists in their minds” He added

Mentoring Future Runners

Eliud knows that he won’t be running forever,he has put in plans by mentoring future runners through proper education and life skills for they’ll have the mandate of taking from where he left it and raising the kenyan flag higher.

“Am building young people both character wise and in running that soon i will be out of the sport and they will be the ones to run so am trying to inject them with the right education as to how to handle the whole and to love running and to actually love sports as a profession ” He added further

What a mind-blowing life lessons from a world class athlete,You can actually start chasing your dream from anywhere as long as you don’t lose focus.

By Steve Osaka.

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