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Divorce me, but consult Makueni people – Kivutha

by kenya-tribune

Governor Kivutha Kibwana has said the Makueni people have the final say if Wiper resolves to throw him out.

In a statement circulated on social media forums yesterday, he said the people of Makueni brought him to Wiper and they must be involved if he is to be removed.

“Even if Wiper and I agreed to a divorce, that wouldn’t be the end of it. In this tripartite political marriage, you cannot divorce one party alone,” the statement reads. “You must divorce both the people of Makueni and Kibwana. Alternatively, Wiper needs to seek the consent of the Makueni people to divorce Kibwana.”

Kibwana said residents gave him authority to work with party leader Kalonzo Musyoka, but under specified Muungano-Wiper MoU.

He dismissed claims by some Wiper leaders that he joined the party with the sole aim of securing his second term. “It was Kalonzo who sent two emissaries to request me to join Wiper,” he said.

“After lengthy deliberations, we met 3,000 residents. As a compromise, we agreed I invite Kalonzo to Makueni to meet them,” Kibwana said. He said Kalonzo met more than 5,000 people in Kambu, Kibwezi East.

Kibwana said he won the 2013 governor seat on the Muungano ticket and in 2017 victory was secured.

The governor said he is not afraid of being expelled, but asked party leaders to respect recent history and truth.

Earlier in the month, Kibwana was told to stop attacking Kalonzo in public and instead reach out to him.

“We wholeheartedly welcomed Kibwana to Wiper in 2017, thinking he will help Kalonzo build the party. Now we are surprised he is turning against us,” nominated MCA Magdalene Mulwa said.

She asked Kibwana to use his party position to correct what he felt was wrong. “Why doesn’t he answer the party leader’s calls?” she asked.

Since he disagreed with Kalonzo late last year over the party leader’s rapprochement with President Uhuru Kenyatta, the governor has complained about disrespect from some party members.

Kibwana says some party members have always defied his directives as the party chairman. He complained some Kitui MPs and MCAs had disregarded his caution against fighting Governor Charity Ngilu.

In an interview late last year, Kibwana told reporters that a majority of party members surrounding Kalonzo are not helping him.

“They may think by fighting other leaders they are the best ‘boys’ for the party leader but in fact they are hurting the party,” Kibwana said.

He said that his recent criticism of Kalonzo was not intended to divide the Kamba community.

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