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Donald B. Kipkorir on Joseph Irungu and Monica Kimani’s murder – Local – Pulselive.co.ke

by kenya-tribune


Top city lawyer Donald B. Kipkorir has pieced together details on Monica Kimani’s murder and declared that Joseph Irungu Jowie is the most foolish murderer in Kenya if at all he planned and carried out the murder.

Kipkorir took to Twitter where he wrote that if the emerging details on the gruesome murder are true, then then his (Jowie’s) IQ is Standard 5.

He listed a trail of evidence that would no doubt link Jowie to the gruesome murder that has so far seen Jacque Maribe and her fiancé arrested.

He pondered how Jowie “drove to Monica’s apartment using Jacque Maribe car, used ID stolen from Maribe’s gate, uses Maribe’s knife & a gun of their mutual friend”.


File image of lawyer Donald B. Kipkorir (Courtesy)


Reports indicate that the two will be charged with murder after police linked them with the murder.

Results of DNA tests conducted placed Jowie at the scene of the murder with several witnesses positively identifying him as the guest hosted by Ms Kimani on the eve of her murder.


Donald B. Kipkorir’s tweet (Twitter)


Maribe on the other hand found herself in the thick of the things after she gave two conflicting statements on the gunshot wound and events that transpired on the eve of Ms Kimani’s murder.

A local daily quoted DCI boss George Kinoti stating that “We know that she helped Irungu cover up the offence by burning the clothes that he wore when he committed the crime…We also have evidence pointing to her involvement in the crime.”

A search conducted by police on Maribe’s house unearthed the gun that Jowie allegedly used to shoot himself in a suicide attempt.

Remains of burnt clothes believed to have been worn by Jowie on the day Kimani was murdered were also recovered.

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