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EACC arrests nine over alleged corruption at Meru Lands office

by kenya-tribune

EACC detectives on Friday arrested nine officers at the Meru Lands registry over corruption allegations.

One of the Anti-Corruption agency officers told the Star in confidence that they have been camping at the office for the past two weeks.

The officer said that during their covert operation, they gathered sufficient information implicating the arrested officers.

“We knew who our target was when we raided the office this morning,” the officer said.

One of the suspects reportedly attempted to throw out Sh8,000 through the offices’ toilet window after feigning a call of nature.

The suspects were taken to EACC regional offices at Isiolo for further interrogations before they are charged in court.

Another EACC officer said they had received complaints from members of the public for several months.

“There was even a notice posted on the wall indicating that some of the free services at Lands offices were supposed to be paid for.”

The detective said the officers were in violation of a directive that searches be free of charge. The locals were paying Sh500 for the same.

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