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EACC turns to religious leaders to boost graft war

by kenya-tribune

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has enlisted the support of religious organizations as part of numerous efforts aimed at curbing runaway corruption in the country.

The Commission’s chairperson Archbishop (Rtd) Dr. Eliud Wabukala says they sought the support of clergy for the reason that they can easily influence change of attitudes.

According to Wabukala, religious leaders could use the pulpit as a platform to rebuke corruption as a sin, and call for ethical living among citizens.

“Religious leaders occupy a very important space in this country. They can influence our lives for better and, therefore, EACC has found them one of our best partners. You cannot fight corruption alone,” EACC Chairperson Archbishop (Rtd) Dr. Eliud Wabukala said

Speaking at a workshop bringing together EACC officials and religious groups in Kakamega Monday morning, Wabukala involving religious leaders is specially aimed at prevention of corruption from happening. He disclosed that there is now a deal in place between the anti-graft watchdog and the interreligious council of Kenya who main objective is to  influence change and attitude in the country.

“This (working with religious leaders) is part of preventing corruption through a value-based initiative. We want to see how we can change our culture, our values and prevent corruption before it takes place,” said Wabukala

EACC hopes the partnership will reduce the incidences of corruption and unethical conduct in the country.


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