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Eddie Hall Takes on World’s Strongest Woman in a Lift-Off

by kenya-tribune

Since the dawn of humankind, the battle has raged over which, pound for pound, is the stronger sex. Well, maybe not that long, but it’s certainly long been a hot topic among a certain set of strength fanatics.

That includes Eddie “The Beast” Hall, 2017 World’s Strongest Man champ and the man with the biggest deadlift of all time. The former truck mechanic and current world record holder took to his YouTube channel recently in an attempt to settle that age-old question. Or, if not settle it, at least throw some more gasoline on the fire.

“How do we find out who is the world’s strongest athlete, pound for pound?” Hall wonders at the start of a new YouTube video. “There’s a massive gap in the market. That’s what strongman is missing.”

Hall recruits fellow world-record holder and 2018 U64 World’s Strongest woman Rhianon Lovelace for a “pound-for-pound challenge.” Lovelace weighs 60 kilos (just over 134 pounds) and can deadlift nearly 600 pounds, while Hall is about 170 kilos (375 pounds), with that world record deadlift of more than a half ton. The competitors used loads equivalent to their bodyweight for all of the events to see who could complete more reps in a given timeframe.

Hall and Lovelace compete amiably, chatting back and forth, sharing personal bests on their various lifts. Hall gives Lovelace plenty of props for her understanding the mechanics of the strongman competition and other lifts, comparing her form to his own: “I just lie on a bench and press it.” He also notes that “she can probably go for an hour non-stop” on the deadlift, something he’s not eager to try. And he looks positively winded by the time squats roll around, while Lovelace is primed and ready.

As Hall predicted at the start of the clip, the man-versus-woman strongperson competition concluded with a big win for Lovelace. If you want some more behind the scenes footage, you can also check out Lovelace’s companion video.

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