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EDITORIAL: Boost minors’ protection – Daily Nation

by kenya-tribune

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Danger lurks out there and at grave risk are the most vulnerable members of the society — children.

That there are evil people who will target and slay, batter, maim, harass or intimidate children, who should be allowed to grow in peace, is really alarming and calls for increased awareness and protection.

There are stringent provisions in the Children Act that spell out stern punishment for offenders but the criminals, in their mindless pursuit of selfish gain, will still take the risk.

In the past few days, the country has been stunned by the news of the horrendous killing of a Meru magistrate’s nine-year-old daughter after she was abducted on her way home.

She was tortured and killed by her kidnappers shortly after they had made their ransom demand.

That she was preyed on by kidnappers, one of whom she most likely knew quite well and could trust, just after alighting from a school bus, and who lured her away and had her killed, was a most heartless act.

We hope this horrible death of the young girl will spark a robust campaign to enhance the safety of pupils on school transport, in their institutions and even at home.

There is a need for increased vigilance to keep the criminals away from schools.

This should include enhancing safety awareness among pupils, their teachers, school administrators and even staff, and, of course, parents and the general public.

The singular objective should be how to protect the children and promote a safe learning environment.

But the most immediate task now is to pursue the perpetrators and bring them to book. We hope the investigations will be speeded up, following all the leads to haul in everyone who may have played whatever role in the girl’s death.

They deserve the severest punishment to serve as a deterrent to other such heartless criminals.

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