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EDITORIAL: Terror attack survivors’ resilience a great lesson

by kenya-tribune


EDITORIAL: Terror attack survivors’ resilience a great lesson

Security officers arrive at 14 Riverside Drive to combat suspected terrorists on Tuesday. PHOTO | SALATON NJAU | NMG 

The resilience that has been exhibited by tenants of the 14 Riverside business complex in Nairobi after last month’s terrorist attack is quite commendable.

Less than three weeks after the merchants of terror from the Al-Shabaab group visited and left 21 people dead and scores injured, the tenants have shown their fighting spirit  by vowing to stay put and rebuild their respective businesses.

It is quite welcome to learn that some tenants have resumed operations at the six buildings that housed around 40 local and international companies.

We opine that this is the right spirit to adopt if we want to defeat the terrorists. They prey on the innocent by spilling blood and spreading fear and despondency.

In order to win the battle against terrorism, we must always show the willingness to unite and stand strong against the forces of evil.

While the return to normalcy after such a harrowing experience is bound to be difficult, it is a journey that must be undertaken if we are to defeat the terrorists.

To quote one of the 14 Riverside tenants, their return to business is a win against the terrorists as delaying in re-opening or moving out would have only shown that they had succumbed to the terrorists.

There are very vital lessons for Kenyans to glean from the actions of the 14 Riverside tenants. They are vivid proof that we should always be ready to rise from the ashes whenever a calamity occurs.

The message must be quite clear that they can never defeat a country that comes together in confronting the purveyors of hate and death.

The war against terror is a continuous one hence the need to always remain vigilant. The security agencies need input from each person as information is key in the war against the menace.

As it has been clearly stated in the past, the war on terror starts with you and I. Right from the grassroots to the very top we should all be reading from the same script in order to succeed.

The lessons learnt from the recent attack should help the country in forging a strong defence against these enemies of Kenya.

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