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Family of bread vendor shot dead by cop at Kigumo AP post demands justice

by kenya-tribune

The family of a bread and cakes vendor shot dead by a police officer at the Kigumo AP staff quarters is demanding justice for him.

John Irungu, 20, was going about his business on Monday when he was shot near an armory at the AP line.

A visit to the scene revealed that the bullet went through a bench, where the police officer was presumably seated, before hitting the vendor.

Detectives suggested that the victim must have been approximately 20 metres away from the point the officer was seated.

Kigumo police boss Ibrahim Mchuma said the bullet from the AK47 rifle hit John on the abdomen causing massive internal damage.

The officer, David Maina, thereafter handed over the gun to a colleague on duty before he fled to Nairobi.

“Police officers tracked his number and asked him to surrender to the nearest police station,” Mchuma added.

“The suspect presented himself to Buruburu police station where he was held before CID officers went for him.”

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AP Commander Samuel Kombe briefed officers from the Independent Police Oversight Authority that the officer was absorbed into the police service in 2011.

Kombe said officers rushed to the scene after they heard a loud bang near the armory, presumably the very minute the officer fired the killer shot.

He said the police officers called for a vehicle to take the vendor to a hospital but he passed away shortly afterward.

“The suspect panicked and fled soon after but has been found and appropriate measures will be taken,” he said.

The man’s father Wilson Irungu mourned his last born son as a hardworking person adding that the death has traumatised the family.

He was at the Kigumo police station on Tuesday to seek more information on the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Wilson said his son called him in the morning with information he had left a loaf of bread that was to be passed to his grandmother.

He said it was only until 3pm that he received a call from his daughter inquiring about John’s whereabouts.

The daughter, he said, informed him John’s phone was answered by a police officer at the time he was shot dead.

“The police officer told my daughter that John was gravely unwell. Shortly afterward, a police officer called me saying my son had an accident.”

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