Home Politics Governor Barasa keeps his cool amidst onslaught from disgruntled MPs – Weekly Citizen

Governor Barasa keeps his cool amidst onslaught from disgruntled MPs – Weekly Citizen

by kenya-tribune

Even under unrelenting onslaught from MPs led by woman rep Elsie Muhanda, Titus Khamala (Malava), Bernard Shinali (Ikolomani) and Emanuel Wangwe (Navakholo) for failing to influence the appointment of CECM members and chief officers, Governor Fernandez Barasa has maintained his cool and sharply focused on delivery of his promise to the people of Kakamega.


Muhanda wanted to be consulted on everything Barasa does as well as having her cronies led by former MP Anami Lisamula being appointed as CECM and one Faith Gitira chief officer for lands dropped for a person of her preference.

Khamala on his part wanted one Isaac Litali appointed to county cabinet just as Emanuel Wangwe wanted someone else appointed other than the current county secretary Boniface Okoth who comes from Navakholo.

On his part, Shinali has persistently said that he does not approve the CECM for finance Livingstone Imbayi who comes from Ikolomani constituency, saying that Imbayi moved out of Ikolomani yet Shinali himself also lives in Likuyani.

A clear case of a baboon mocking the one in front of how red his behind looks like.

While Governor Barasa has kept a reconciliatory tone, the attitude of MPs is disturbing because even if the governor had surrendered his constitutional role and yielded to pressure by appointing their cronies, how would he have functioned, whose cabinet would that be?

How would he have ensured discipline in a cabinet full of puppets whose primary loyalty is divided?

It is said Muhanda is selfish and exploitative.


With her eyes on governor seat, Muhanda is holding night meetings with MPs and promising hell for Barasa come next elections.

What escapes her attention, however, some say. is the voting pattern that shows uncompromising voters as not ready to gamble and in the process compromise their own development.

It is a lesson you only need to ask Bonnie Khalwale who after staying in the cold for five years after he vied for governorship wants to lose again in 2027.


After inheriting well developed structures from his successor, Barasa has a different model of management.

The first time he walked into in COG meeting, he came out as the chair of a powerful finance and economic planning committee.

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