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GSU officers foil cattle theft in Tharaka Nithi

by kenya-tribune
General Service Unit (GSU) officers have recovered a herd of livestock stolen in Reamwanki in Tharaka North Sub County and arrested a suspect in the attack that left one herder nursing injuries.

The officers from Ngongaaka camp were patrolling the Tharaka North-Igembe South border where a man was killed and three others injured on Monday following a land dispute when they responded to an alarm raised by villagers.

The officers recovered, eight cows, 23 goats, five sheep and a donkey from the invaders who were directing the animals towards Igembe South.

Tharaka North Deputy County Commissioner Mathias Chisambo and his Igembe South counterpart James Kosgei condemned the invasion and warned criminals against taking advantage of the land dispute to terrorise residents.

Mr Chisambo lauded the GSU officers, vowing security officers will be vigilant to thwart any further attacks.

“We want people in the two regions to live in harmony and we will not allow a few criminals to take advantage of the land dispute,” said Mr Chisambo.

Mukothima Ward MCA Mwenda Gataya asked politicians to keep off the border issue and allow the relevant government officials to deal with the matter.

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