Home Entertainment Harmonize’s ex girlfriend Wolper Stylish welcomes bouncing baby boy (Photo)

Harmonize’s ex girlfriend Wolper Stylish welcomes bouncing baby boy (Photo)

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Word making rounds on most Bongo news Outlets is that Wolper Stylish and new boyfriend, Rich Mitindo have a bouncing baby boy!

The two love birds apparently hid their pregnancy for the past 9 months; and now that the baby boy had been brought to the world – they can freely share photos from the baby bump shoot.

Gossip Monger Juma Lokole who is good friends with Wolper Stylish; Harmonizes ex girlfriend has announced that the Wolper’s baby boy looks everything like his dad, Rich Mitindo. Through his IG page, Juma Lokole wrote;

TUNA MTOTO WA KIUME JAMANIIIIII …… wambea mmezodoka mnajua leo tumbo 😂😂😂😂😂😂 ila nimejilaza kweli kusema hu umbea 😂😂😂😂😂 ….!!! Alhamdulillah tuna baby boy ….. kafanana na baba yake kabisaaaaa NO DNA …….!! 🤍Kijana RICH ana shabaha bwana …….

Wolper Stylish’s baby daddy

After her relationship with Harmonize ended in premium tears; Wolper found love 3 years later and now has a baby as part of the new love package.

Word has it that the lass has been dating Rich Mitindo for months now; and that is how the baby came into the picture. Anyway below are a few photos of Wolper’s new handsome boyfriend and father of their newborn son.

Wolper Stylish pregnant with first child

Rich Mitindo aka Wolper’s baby daddy

Wolper’s baby daddy

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