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Here’s Why Chics With ‘Relationship Status’ On Facebook Stick Longer With Their Dudes

by kenya-tribune

We all have those friends who we know every time they get in a new relationship, they will definitely update it on their Facebook profile.. ‘In a Relationships With Nick Matamu’…..

Well, I’m not really a fun of making a relationship Facebook-official and all…not my kinda thing, because when it’s over, there you are broadcasting your broken heart to all your 1000 friends! Eish!

Anyway, as much I got my own opinion on that, it happens that displaying your status on Facebook can have a positive effect on you and make it last longer. Wondering how?

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  • So for lasses who are in “In a Relationship” on Facebook, and post photos of their lovers more often tend to feel more committed and especially when the dude is okay with it.

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  • Let’s just be honest, most of us chics feel more secure if your guys does not have a problem if you display on your Facebook profile that you are in a relationship with him. This way, we tend to trust them more and want to stick around..aki msiniruke on this one!

Well, look at it this way, a man can choose to keep the Relationship Status on Facebook in a way that only he can be able to view it. What about those chics who tag their boyfriends in photos and they don’t even allow the photos to show on their timeline? *Moment of silence…..*

  • So, let me stick to why ladies who use the Relationship Status on Facebook tend to stick more with their dudes, because it somehow serves a purpose similar to an engagement ring, holding the couple accountable to some degree.

But don’t be deceived, ukweli usemwe! Some couples who seem perfect on social media may not be all they’re cracked up to be. What you choose to share online isn’t always representative of your real-life.

And I’m sure that most of us aren’t looking to make our breakups public, it’s understandable if you’re not planning to click that “relationship status” button anytime soon.

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