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How Kenyans reacted to Uhuru’s recommendation on fuel tax reduction

by kenya-tribune

An attendant at a petrol station in Nyeri petrol station holds the pump with the new fuel prices in the background. PHOTO | JOSEPH KANYI


Kenyans have given varied reactions to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s recommended for the reduction of Value Added Tax on petroleum products from 16% to 8%.

If the proposal is given a nod by the National Assembly, then the price of diesel will reduce from Sh 115 per litre to Sh 107 and that of petrol from Sh 127 per litre to Sh 118.

But a majority of those commenting said the VAT should have been scrapped all together and the government expenditure reduced.

Financial analyst Wehliye Mohammed tweeted his recommendation that he shared on Thursday night after the President rejected the Finance Bill 2018.

Jeff Onyancha, who lives in Kasarani, said that the reduction was welcomed but the president should have completely scrapped off the VAT.

“It is a good step but how I wish the President completely did away with the VAT for a while,” he said.

Ms Rachael Omambia asked parliament not to allow the proposal until the VAT is totally scrapped off.

In her view, it would be better if the budget of various arms of government is cut further than taxing poor Kenyans.

“Let them cut the budget of the various arms of government and stop being harsh on Kenyans,” she said.


Uhuru wants VAT on fuel reduced to 8%, but unveils heavy budget cuts

Passengers at the Kasarani Mwiki bus terminus at OTC also said that the reduction was only favoring those who owned cars.

On Twitter, other Kenyans too recommended a reduction of the size of the cabinet and firing of the Chief Administrative Secretaries whose positions were created after the 2017 elections.

Others also faulted President Kenyatta’s recommendation to cut back on government officials’ foreign travels, saying it had been suggested before and never implemented.

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